Networking event in Manchester, 6th of November

SASHI co-investigators and associates met with others interested in developing suicide and self harm research in Manchester to identify important research questions and discuss future opportunities.

Delegates at the network meetingDelegates at the network meeting

Chaired by Prof Catherine Robinson, the Principle Investigator and Professor of Social Care Research in the University of Manchester, this valuable workshop brought together people from Pakistan, India, UK and Brazil to discuss research gaps and develop ideas in the areas of:

  • Media representation of self harm
  • Learning disability and self harm
  • Service user involvement/PPI in self harm research
  • Interventions
  • Students and self harm
  • Burns survivors
  • Training and support for unqualified healthcare workers.
  • Young people and self harm
  • Psychosis and self harm

Participants included psychiatrists, NGO workers, sociologists, social workers, people from public health, and service users amongst others. The highly interactive day allowed people to identify areas for research, make new connection and explore potential collaborations.

Examples of some of the research questions generated at the event include:

  • How can media be used to help problem solving – shift discourse from stigma to promoting behaviours that are more positive?
  • What factors lead to different types of self-inflicted burns?
  • How is suicide represented in south Asian TV and film?
  • What is the prevalence of Leaning Disability in India and Pakistan?
  • What methods can we use to reach and engage people in the research process who are hard to reach?
  • How can we raise awareness of the importance of engaging people with lived experience and their families in research in a meaningful way?

If you are interested in any of the themes discussed, please get in touch:

Publication date: 16 November 2018